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Shangfa Tongchuang attaches great importance to the important

position of talents in the development of enterprises. Excellent

corporate culture, good working environment, perfect innovation

incentive policy and talent training mechanism have attracted a

group of creative experts and a group of talented young people to

join and create. The team that is good at learning, daring to

innovate, daring to practice and the mechanism conducive to the

growth of talents keep Shangfa Tongchuang vigorous on the road of

developing high-tech, realizing industrialization and sustainable



Lean assembly process, the

pursuit of perfect quality

consciousness, has been deeply

rooted in the hearts of Shangfa

co-creators. Production

efficiency and quality are strictly

implemented with high

standards. From technology to

strength, to industry supporting, to manufacturing scale,

Shangfatong is at the forefront

of the industry, and continues to

maintain the industry's leading

position, and expands the

industry's advantages.



Foshan Shangfa Tongchuang Automation Co., Ltd.,

founded in 2013, is a company focusing on peripheral

automation of injection moulding machine. It integrates

product design, manufacturing, sales and service. Our

sales outlets are in the Pearl River Delta, Yangtze River

Delta, East China, North China, Northwest China and

Southeast Asia. Because of concentration,

so professional; because professional. So excellent. The

company will always carry on the tradition of first-class

quality control and continuous R&D and innovation, and

constantly change the traditional injection production

mode for enterprises. It is committed to contributing to

China's manufacturing industry.


R & D Center



The company has introduced advanced

international production equipment. It has

structured advanced automation production cost

per. It ensures that the products produced are well

qualified, efficient and high density. It improves the

production of first-class products by optimizing the

process, which lays a solid foundation for creating

first-class enterprises and establishing industry

brand class.

Precision Machining Center



Unit Assembly Center